Allen Lewis, a trained chef, and his wife, Ashley, moved to Leander April of 2012. Allen is from Charleston, SC and moved to Texas approximately 7 years ago. He has worked at many establishments in Austin, TX including Bess Bistro downtown, Stuffed, The Roaring Fork, and DoubleHorn Brewery in Marble Falls. Ashley is born and raised in Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and received her Masters in Education from University of Texas Arlington. She is currently a Physics and IPC teacher, and the head basketball coach at Florence High School. 

Allen has an entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to originally open Chunky Cow Creamery in Leander, TX. Chunky Cow Creamery was originally opened as a dessert only establishment and was open for business for approximately 9 months before Allen realized that his true dream was to cook great food. So Chunky Cow was closed for the time being. After Ashley started teaching in Florence, Allen found the opportunity he had been waiting for to reopen; but this time it would be as Chunky Cow Cafe and Creamery. 

He and Ashley developed the concept together and he has created a recipe for some delicious ice cream. Everyday he creates great new unique, creamy flavors that the city will enjoy. In addition to ice cream, Chunky Cow Cafe & Creamery malts, smoothies, Cow Patties, coffee, homemade pies and full line up of southern and cajun classics. Introducing Florence to some homestyle country cooking will be the new direction of CCCC. Being family oriented, it is the hope of the young couple to create not only a cafe, but a place that caters to the desires of the whole entire family. There is something for everyone!

Our Story

212  East Main Street

Florence, TX 76527